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By Shibbroni

Custom Jersey Jacket (Light Blue)

Custom Jersey Jacket (Light Blue)

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Design Your Own Denim Jacket Infused With a Sports Jersey.

Each Jacket is 1/1 Made To Order For Exclusive Clientele. 

The jacket will come distressed, with jersey number on the back, jersey remnants sewn around the jacket, along with other related patches sewn throughout for a unique look that no one else will have. 

You can choose between: OG, Backless, or Hide n Seek styles of jacket

- OG: We will sew the jersey number over top of the back of the jacket, the lineup will be imperfect. 

- Backless: We will cut out the back of the jacket completely and replace it with the jersey back for a lightweight, air flow feel - fittig the number perfectly on the back. 

- Hide n Seek: We will sew the jersey number underneath the back of the jacket, cutting strips of jacket overtop the jersey, exposing the jersey. Once the jacket is washed, the strips will distressed themselves and you can leave them dangling or cut off the handing strips, exposing more jersey.  

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